Wednesday, July 25, 2007


At Mateo's preschool there is a set of the cutest little twin girls. Yesterday a new set of twins started, a girl and a boy. When I picked up Mateo he said "Momma, look at the twins. I have a twin?" I said no baby, you don't have a twin "No, momma, I DO have a twin." No you have a brother. "Oh he's my twin!" This went on and on and I couldn't not make him change his mind. Till I said, let's get in the car and put Teletubbies on.

Since I'm on the topic of Mateo today, I have to tell you the story he told me. The kid likes to talk. And if you engage him, he's likely to tell you some very odd stories.

Out of the blue last week he says "Momma, I need to go to the doctor" Really Mateo, why? "He needs to check my ear" Mateo, what's wrong with your ear? "My brain came out of my ear!" He talks with his hands, so he's very expressive, tilting his head and pulling at his ear. Oh my God Mateo, did it hurt? What happened? "My brain came out of my mouth and my eyes, and now I can't talk." He touches his mouth and eyes and then shrugs his shoulders. I look at my mom who is sitting there listening to him, and I start cracking up. I say Okay Mateo then I think it's time to lie and rest, cause little boys without brains can't be jumping up and down on the bed.

He has a very active imagination. I hope to nurture it and help him express himself. When he starts his stories, I always encourage him to keep going just to see how far he will go. He talks about bears and monkeys and dinosaurs. When we drive over to the other part of the world (Victorville) It's such a trek for him. When there's nothing on the roads, he says that's where the dinosaurs live, and the rocks are where they sleep. BUT we can't see them, because they are always hiding. My little imaginative boy.

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