Friday, July 20, 2007

Unbelievable!! OMG! How exciting is BB8 right now. Kail's world is crumbling around her. AND Dominic and Sabra are my favorite couple on SYTYCD... I am so happy for them. Dominic is just a total goofball. I'm pretty bummed Hok left, but he really wasn't picking up the other styles like Dominic has been. If Danny is in the bottom 3 again, he needs to go. He's a great dancer, but his attitude just really sucks.

I got home and rested, I propped up my leg on a bunch of pillows and let it rest. This morning it's not hurting anymore. It doesn't look to bad.

So the lady that got hit yesterday, I hear was the crossing guard. Still don't know what happened to her, since I didn't see any of my neighbors out last night. But still praying she is okay.

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