Monday, July 23, 2007

One year older

Happy Birthday to me! I can't believe I'm yet another year older. It's all downhill from here.

The fam went to a late lunch yesterday. Then my mom and I went to see Hairspray. It was soo cute! I vaguely remember the first one with Riki Lake, but I liked this one. Fun times.

I rained last night. It's July. In L.A. Huh? I'm used to seeing some June Gloom Showers, but never so late in the summer. I guess it's the monsoon weather. It's so hot and muggy out. Perfect day for my pony tail. Not like I ever fix my hair up anyway.

Today is a fat day. I feel totally bloated and blah. I've lost 5 lbs, but the way I ate this weekend, I've surely put them all back.

Why is losing weight so difficult. There are times when I'm bound and determined. Then after a couple of weeks, it's like, who really gives a crap. Right now, I'm in between. I've been watching some shows on TLC, Big Medicine (Dr. Garth is H-O-T) and Inside Brookhaven. Those shows scare me straight. But it doesn't last long. I mean, some of the people on the show are severely morbidly obese. Like 400-700 lbs. But they had to start from somewhere right. They weren't always 500 lbs. I'm just afraid that I'll get there, because their attitude sometimes reflects who I am, and I can see a little of myself in those patients. That scares me.

I've thought about the lap band surgery, but insurance won't cover it. Maybe I'll screw them, and just gain the additional 20-40 lbs. so I can be approved. (I'm just kidding!!)
This is supposed to be a good week for General Hospital. I swear if they keep postponing the Jake, who's yo daddy? reveal, I'm gonna choke someone. Seriously.

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