Friday, November 9, 2007


Seriously. My ear hurts bad.. It's been itching and aching for a couple of weeks. And sorry if TMI, but I pick at it. Then it scabs a bit, not really a scab, but like dry something or other, and of course, I'm a picker, so I pick at it. Or stab a Q-tip in there. Well I must have hurt something good in there, cause I'm in pain!!! Owwww... The pain just started like today. So I call my doctor so he can tell me where the urgent care is, and you know what his response is??

Why did you wait until Friday night at 9pm to call??
WTF?? Aren't you my doctor?? Sorry I interrupted your little party!

I was like, well because it just starting hurting to the point that I can't bear it.

Ugh, then he doesn't know where the urgent care is. Great. Now they are all closed. I figured it out, thank you very much, but without first getting very irritated by the lack of help any of these medical places offer...

Now I have to wait till the morning. I took a pain pill so hopefully that kicks in soon.

I have some new sketches on my blog!! Take a peek.. And leave me a comment people!! Does anyone read it??


Signed the picker


Jovi said...

oh dear! i hope you're feeling better today, that sounds painful!

Stacie said...


Ok, now my mothering is done. :) Adison's last ear infection they gave her a pain killer ear drop instead of antibiotics, she said it really helped.

Hope you are on the mend.