Friday, November 16, 2007


No more, no more is my rebel yell.

My teen's rebel yell is anything you say, I'll do the opposite.

Really? My son is really pushing my limits. Honestly. We were getting along better, but I think he is just spoon feeding me what I want to hear. And honestly a mother's intuition knows best. Girls, it really is there. Mother's intuition is so adept at picking any little thing up. And I was denying it. I knew that something was going on, but this kid is smart. He was feeding me what I wanted to hear and I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, because according to him, I never do. So see I was right!!

I guess it's his way of rebelling. But gosh dang it, I don't want it to ruin his high school years.

What? So you never rebelled?? I certainly didn't. I mean I got pregnat and had a child at 15 years. What you say?? Nu-uh, that's not rebelling.


Stacie said...

At least you know HE won't be pg at 15 ;)

What is he doing, please share.

Jovi said...

LMAO true ;) and yeah, i'm curious too, what's up w/lil' vic?