Monday, December 3, 2007

Imaginary Play

Ya know, Mateo has never gone through a naming toys phase. Like you will see kids naming their favorite stuffed animal some name, or a toy. A stuffed bear, has always been bear, a robot, robot, and so on.

So I thought I was losing my marbles when I overheard Mateo telling "Michael" that he was going to get into trouble. Usually I can hear him playing and it's just play talk with his robots and cars. But when I heard "Michael" it was kinda freaky. So I asked him, Mateo who is Michael? He looked at me and said (in a "DUH" kind of manner) "Mommy, this is Michael!" And he brings me his play dinosaur. Sigh of relief (not that having imaginary friends is bad at all, just never experienced it, so wouldn't know what to do). Now he is starting to give his little toys names, and plays out scenes with his toys.

He brings me Mickey and says "Hi I'm Mickey, do you wanna play with me?" or silly stuff like that.

SOO, yesterday (after a long weekend at home and Mateo being sick for 5 days) we finally braved the cold outside. But of course it was because I needed scrapping supplies. Specifically some tacky glue I've never used. So I tell the kids, c'mon let's go, I'm going to the store (cause ya know, you can't "really" say where you are going, cause the teenager will frown and whimper, so I just say "store", and in my vocabulary, that could mean the mall, the pharmacy, the bookstore, the grocery store, you get it)

We are in the car driving on off route, it's amazing how toddlers can memorize routes to the "regular" store, nina's house or daycare. Mateo very readily asks, "put, put mommaaa (yes he ALWAYS say put, put when he's being contrary) where are we going??"

I say "We are going to Michael's" (ahh the store of all scrapbooking goodies)

He let's out a cry "But I DON'T WANT to go to Michae's house!"

I imagine that he's imagining rocks, and caves and more dinosaurs. So I quickly calm his fears and say, "No Mateo, we are not going to Michael's house we are going to the "store"."


Cookie's Mommy said...

lol, silly boy!

Staciesmadness said...

lol...he is adorable. Sammy doesn't name things either...Frog from buildabear...Frog. Cow=Mr. Moo. etc.