Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lost in Blogospere

You know how when your kids a shiny new toy, they oohh and ahh and play with it till it's dead. Then fast forward 3 months later, you can find said shiny new toy at the bottom of the toy box? Yeah, that's what happened with my delicious blog.

Blogging is addicting and it was taking over my life. Reading everyone's blog everyday, then clicking on their links and reading those blogs, you get lost in blogosphere. So I took some time off. I just got burned out. It was so much fun sharing with you all, but I find that I can't come up with anything funny or witty all the time :D Hmm, not saying my blog was funny or witty, cause I almost always lack those desired qualities, and only myself thinks me funny.

Well if you tune in to listen to my music (I know your out there!!) I've changed it a bit (alot!) We are going to a club (I know what is a 30ish woman doing at a fucking club??) BUT they are having what I call "Old Skool" bands playing. Yes it's in a club, not in a huge venue, but I grew up (well not really, most are before my time, but hanging out with "older" friends I came to appreciate the music!).... I'm so excited. The hubs and I have not been out fore-evah! And we are going with his brother and my best friend. So I have chosen music from the groups playing in anticipation of the concert. If you remember or like any of the music, let me know. I love to hear what people think of it! Buh-bye


Stacie said...

well, I have miss you girl!

A couple of weekends ago we went to the Casino boat (bunch of girls) and saw a DISCO band...I had the best time dancing!

Stacie said...

girl...the lip licking was driving me insane!!!!

I can't remember how to change the Christmas Kisses is almost as annoying as the lip licking!

Kristi said...

Sadly, I only vaguely recognize a few of these songs. Kinda fun, though! Makes me want to wear some fun make-up, finger-less lace gloves and leggings under my acid-wash skirt. LOL

Marcia said...

I so recognize these! Does that date me? YIKES!
What is it that all these jimmy jams are so gone? Oh well, I will come here to enjoy.
BTW, I have very few conversations with you that don't make me crack up, so I dunno what you're talking about. Whitty on girl!

Marcia said...
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Anonymous said...

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