Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dental dance!!

Yipee.. Doing a happy dance.. We had Mateo's second dental visit yesterday. It went well. NO CAVATIES.. Hear that??? NO CAVATIES... So to celebrate that he did such a great job at the dentist, what did we do? We went to have ice cream.

He wiggled and squirmed as they polished his teeth. It was really funny to look at..hee, such a bad mommy I am. AND I did take pictures. With my crappy p&s. But I will scrap the event!

The dentist during her exam asked DH if Mateo grinded his teeth at night, he answers no. I took second shift at the dentist, because they took so long and I was out of work already, so when DH told me that's what the dentist said, I was like, duh.. Remember when he grinds his teeth at night, and we can hear him, and we wonder why? And he's like, Oh yeah... Men.

ANYWAY, the dentist said that his teeth are really wasted. Next time we go, I'm gonna have to ask how to prevent it, because she said he can lose his teeth early because of it.


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Deirdre said...

Yeah Mateo! That's awesome! And *ugh* men!! LOL!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

YAY!! I've been meaning to take the kids, im so bad i havent yet!
DH has a mouth guard he is supposed to wear because he grinds his teeth and says that it can also cause cavities... not sure how tho. but i dunno if they would give a little one a mouth giard because its hard to get used to, thats why dh doesnt use it!