Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Next Exit -- 2 miles

Those 2 miles were the longest 2 miles evah...

I knew it though. As soon as I jumped on the freeway to head home late last night. There it was...the grumble in my tummy. It's a 12 mile drive home. But in LA, that could be a 1 hour drive. Thankfully it was later at night (there was a Laker game so there was traffice getting out of my office) but as soon as I jumped on the freeway there wasn't any traffic.

When the grumble started producing toots, I knew it was time. But the signs said, next exit (MY exit) 2 miles... The longest 2 miles home.

Just thought of Stacie as I wrote that cause we all know her famous toots...he-hee..

BTW, I barely made it home, though I was crowning.

So sorry for the disgusting potty humor. I won't promise it will be the last though. Your welcome for those thoughts of me leaving my car half way acorss the street running for safety in my restroom.


Stacie said...

lmfao....did you eat a fiber one bar that day?

Lacey said...

LMFAO girl.. that is GREAT.. just the laugh i needed tonight. :)