Thursday, November 13, 2008

Being thrifty

I think now more than ever alot of families are trying to save money. I know I am. I have bought generic stuff for most everything we eat. There are some exceptions. We love hot dogs, but only Hebrew Nationals. Also no generic diet cola. NEVER. The rest. Eh.

I have managed to save some money buy pre-planning meals. It's never thought out though. It's more like we'll be at the store, and be pass by something and say. Oh, I can make chicken mole. Then buy the ingriedients.

I also discovered how to cook in my crock pot. I've usually reserved the crock pot for heating up nacho cheese for nachos. But the other day I made chile verde. It wasn't as fantastic as my regular one is, but it was easy. Not too expensive, and I didn't have to stand over the stove all day. Now I bought some beef to do the same thing with. Plus there are always plenty of leftovers to bring for lunch the next day.

I'm lucky my oldest really loves to experiment with food. He will try anything once. He also loves all things spicy. Him and his dad like to see who is "manest" and see who can withstand the most chile. This usually involves a habanero chile and a couple of other's we have growing in our backyard. Let me tell you, the crying, jumping around and 'hooo-hoo-hot' is all worth it my friends.. hee-hee.

Meanwhile, my youngest isn't adventurous at all. He's only 4, but still my oldest at that age was into everything. I think he was 3 when he tried octopus for the first time. So we will have to work with him.

Let's see today is Thursday. Maybe spaghetti with a fabulous sauce from Fresh & Easy (It's the best I tell ya!) or hamburgers. Whatever will require less work for me, because my oldest won't be cooking tonight. :sad:

Then I can watch, Survivor and ER. Because alot of other shows I've deleted from my DVR schedule. That's another topic at another time.

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Stacie said...

you're still watching ER??? come over to the dark side and watch Grey's instead. ;)

I am HUNGRY reading this post, thanks. :D