Monday, November 17, 2008


My 17 year old and I were watching a movie not long ago. It was one of those teen crude movies. I don't recall the name. Well M never really pays attention and he was busy playing with his cars and soldiers. I mean when else am I supposed to see "mature" movies, right.. So there comes this part where all the guys jump up with glee.. "We're gonna go get laid!!" Of course me and my oldest start cracking up, then M comes in and screams "We're gonna go get klalldid" I look at my oldest in disbelief, WHAT did he just say??!!

Then M, surely thinking he said something hysterical, repeats.

"We're gonna go get KOOL-AID!!! Yeah!"

I was rolling.

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KelsyC said...

LOL! Goose is the same way! Only she likes to say "My mommy and daddy say bad words." Thank goodness she doesn't actually repeat them... she just likes to rat us out!