Sunday, November 2, 2008

Holy Power Rangers, Batman!

Mateo as Black Power Ranger! Check out his heaving chest and 6 pack!

The cool thing about this costume was that yes it was black, but it glowed in the dark! If you're 4, that's very cool.

Also, side note. Characters that are violent or scary, i.e. power rangers, ninjas, vampires, were not suggested for school. Last year Mateo did Diego, but all his buddies, were super heroes. So this year I thought f*&k it. My kid want's to be a power ranger, he's gonna be a power ranger.

He was the only power ranger, but there were wolverines, iron mans, so all was good. Hope you all had a wonderful halloween!


Stacie said...

love it! and so would have Bubba!

Lacey said...

he is such a doll :)