Friday, November 7, 2008


On Tuesday November 4th, we made history America.

That whole day I was a jungle of nerves. Do you know what happens when I get nervous. I poop. I don't know what it is. It's like my stomach gets crampy and I have to poop... So that was most of my day at work on Tuesday.

As I drove home, there was a scene that summed it all up for me. Up the hill before my house is a major intersection. People trying to get out of town and go to the "mall" or the big gorgeous park. We are always in a hurry. That left turn signal is always long. I was coming the opposite way, going towards where everyone was leaving. As I was waiting to make my turn on light right. I saw the cars lined up making a left across from me. There was a homeless man with a sign. Suddenly the first car rolled down their window and offered the man money. I'm not talking pocket change, they were bills. As the man rose up from the ground to the car, the next car rolled down his window, and offered him money, and the next car did the same thing.

That's hope people.

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Stacie said...

yeah, hope he used the money for good. ;)