Thursday, January 29, 2009

2 lbs. {tmi}

See I put the warning right in the title... be forewarned..

I've been doing this weight loss challenge on my scrapbooking board... It was 8 weeks. I didn't win, but I did lose 7 lbs. Yay. And I am not specifically doing a "diet", I am moreso, being more cognizant of the food I'm eating. Trying to eat smaller portions, moving a little bit more, and drinking lots and lots of water. It helps that every week, I have to announce to a group of friends that I have failed or not. It's a bit of accountability. That helps. Cause you know at home, I can always just lie to myself. Pretend that the numbers just don't keep going up, and then throw the scale under the bed. Only for 2 months later show up at the doctor and be shocked at the number on their scale. Really?? Like I didn't know it was coming. But I am thankful for this challenge and it has really helped me be less in denial about my weight.

After the below retreat, I was sure I'd be WAY up. I was up, not much, {those walks on the beach must have helped burn the Kahlua Fudge cupcakes and magic bars ;) }

Now for the TMI stuff. I get up this morning, because a new challenge begins this week, and weigh myself. Well crap! I'm up 2 lbs. from last week. Literally CRAP! I told DH, well I haven't peed or shit yet. He said go do that business and come back and weigh yourself with a snicker {we laughed}..mkay... so I did.. Get back on the scale, and no shitting you, I was 2 lbs. less!!!! OMIGOD! 2 LBS. of fricking SHIT!.........No really!!! I got on the scale like 5 times!! So glad to say, I am still down 7 lbs. Now I'll leave the really TMI stuff to a select few friends that can handle it, but I'll leave it at that.

Now go enjoy your lunch :D


Lori said...

lol, Andrea. I really need to start a blog that my family doesn't read, so I can say shit like that without giving my Gram a heart attack!

Anyway, I always weigh myself after I go potty b/c yes, I've seen the difference too. I even put my contacts in first, cuz glasses weigh more, take out my pony tail holder, ya know, every little bit counts!!! But the weird thing is I always weigh less after I shower. Does dirt weigh that much? Extra dry skin? I don't know but try it!!

Krazy Armstrong K's! said...

OMG im SO LMAO, SO fricken funny!! Love it andrea!!
I was only up 1# from the retreat! WooHoo! It starts tomorrow so now we gotta watch the weight! keep it up girl, your doing awesome!

Stacie said...

way to go girl, I am proud of you!