Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello Tuesday

I'm back. The retreat was wondeful!! It was amazing and beautiful!!
Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet some wonderful friends. Shanna, Shana, Keels, and Kristi. I hope you enjoyed your time as much as I did. I had blast with you all.

Well of course I had a blast as well with Kelci, Jen, Kat and Eva too :D

I haven't downloaded any of my pics yet, but I stole this one from a little birdie.

Eva, myself and Kat! As soon as I get them off my camera I'll share the rest.

As you could tell, it was a *little* cold for us Californians (and Texans :D), but it was so spectacular and so worth it!

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Stacie said...

awe, you look like you had a great time!