Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Criahana Fiasco

So in soap land most couples have an acronym. Lisaon (Liz-Jason) Soily (Sonny-Emily) Scrubs (robin-Patrick)... I am calling this Criahana.

Being affected by domestic abuse personally, this whole thing sickens me. Infuriating me even further is that this weekend we went to the Nevada/California state line for some gambling. As we were at the cashier to be seated, a young African American girl was standing behind the counter, with a copy of OK! Magazine with the headline something to the affect that Riahana took back Chris Brown. I looked at SIL and said, that's disgusting. This young girl looked at me and said "C'mon, she ain't stupid, who WOULDN'T take Chris Brown back?"

Really?? Is this what we are teaching our young girls? That statement right there really bothered me. Having personal experience with this, I know the statistics on this. Yes a majority of the girls keep going back to their abuser. They are made to feel as if it's their fault, if only they hadn't said something to unleash their rage.. All in all, after a couple of incidents like, and years of dealing with it, they do end up leaving, even if they come back a hundred times. I'm not saying that someone can't be rehabilitated. I am living proof. But it takes years for that to happen, not a couple of weeks.

I agree with most of the media out there, that this can help with communication out there. I've asked my 18 year old son, this very question after hearing on the news yesterday that it is speculated she is back with him, because she said she hit him first. I don't give a flying fuck if she hit him, what did she do? Slap him? He could have thrown her out of the car, told her to get the fuck out, swear at her, and take off. But to put someone in headlock and beat you until you are unconscious? There is never a good reason for that unless you are fighting for life.

Also, just recently, my 17 year old niece was living with her very much older boyfriend. He was probably hitting her before, but at one point gave her a bloodied nose and lip in the car, she ran out looking for help and found a police office. He took off. They did nothing. She went back home. About 3 weeks later, he was calling her over and over and over. Said he was sorry, it would never happen again. Well she left her home again to live with him. On a Saturday morning at 2 am the police brought her home again with a black eye, contusions on her neck, bloodied lip and scratches. They arrested him, but let him go the very next day. It's been about 3 weeks since that happened, and I hope and pray she finds the strength to not return to him. It saddens me to no end. And the reason why this whole situation just makes my stomach turn.


KelsyC said...

Nominated you for an award. GO to my blog to check it out!

lacey said...

OMG!!! I totally agree with what you say here... I have been there done that and totally agree how it's becoming more 'acceptable' to get back with the abuser and it sucks!!