Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy halloweenthanksgivingChristmasandnewyear

Yeah, yeah, so I've been absent for most of it. Just from here though!

Really nothing new around these parts. We had a fun Halloween, stuffed ourselves on Thanksgiving, had a wonderful Christmas and had a blast on NYE playing with our wii.

We are all healthy and well, what more can you ask? Right?

Honestly, I've been in a blah mood ever since my last post. Don't know why, just blech. I did go to a retreat in August, not even sure I posted about it. But that blew up in my face with unexpected events. UGH..

Anyway was catching up on some blogs, and came across Stacie's Urban Dictionary post.

I had to laugh, because I typed in my name and it was sooo right..(yeah especially the hot part! HA!)

So do this. Go to type in your name and see what comes up.

Here is mine:
Meaning "princess"-often leo's or cancers. Very athletic and amazingly hot.And almost everyone has bown hair.

guy#1:wow that girl was hot and a good kisser
guy#2:do you know her name?
guy#1: no but most likely it was andrea
guy#2: true dat

(see how true, I mean, I am the epitomy of athletic!) But seriously, it totally got my Leo!

Go on try it!

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Lori said...

OK, Andrea. I got a couple...take your pick.

1. The Most wonderful person in the World. Kind, Sweet, Loving, Caring, Gentle. Perfect in Every ways. The one you love for all your life.

2. Crazy hot girl. Beautiful, smart and funny; Lori posesses atributes absent in 99.9% of women. Truly a lucky find. Plus she rocks.
Yooooooooo Lori is so hot,... damn.

3. Fat disgusting, hippo like young adult with unhuman eating habits.

HAHAHA. I'll go with #1. Thanks for the laugh!