Friday, July 27, 2007

2nd try?

I failed miserably. Seriously like within hours of posting. I went and checked on BB8Dish. That's out the door. I'm not making the commitment again. Because I kn0w I'll fail.

Hmmm... I wonder if that is who I am throughout all aspects of my life? I cannot commit for fear of failure?

Some sad news ... our dog died. Our dog was not at our home, but he was at my husband's place of business as a guard dog. He was a big loveable dog. Well apparently the dog on the OTHER side (a pit bull) attacked him, and apparently it happened in the wee hours of the morning, because when my husband passed by in the early afternoon, he was gone. His name was Kibble and we've had him since he was a puppy, since he was born. Part chow, part german shepard, a true mutt. But we love our mutts! My husband was devastated. Really truly devastated. You can see a true man when he loves God's creatures so much. Poor Kibble, he will be missed. I have pictures of him, but they are not digital, so I can't put them up, but he was a beautiful dog.


bugsnbubs said...

So sorry to hear about Kibble. :(

bb8...shoot honey they blog for us to read...I mean what would a blog be if it weren't read. :D

Cookie's Mommy said...

sorry about the doggie :( (((HUGS)))

Jovi said...

i'm sorry, hon. **hugs** for a good dog!