Monday, July 30, 2007


Seriously. I am having way too much fun with this Simpsonize Thanks to Jovi!!
That's me!!
Nothing new going on today. Mateo has soccer practice today. Which is fun, but alot of work for me. He only has 4 weeks of practice, then we are on to something else. I don't know what the schedule is like. But the kid needs to burn energy on some sport.
I had a beautiful display of butterflies yesterday on my porch. It was amazing. I'll have to post pics later tonight, but after all the recent chaos in my world lately, being outside (even as hot as it was this weekend) totally brought a sense of calm over me. It was magical. I saw a dozen or so caterpillar's making their way up the vine and still some caccoons. I once read an article, not sure if it was in National Geographic, but it said our butterfly population was become less in California, especially because we were taking away their habitat with new construction. At the History Museum them have a butterfly expo because they are not seen so much around here anymore. Well, the butterflies are alive and kicking on my porch! It must be the flower they are attracted too. It's purple and smells beautiful. Problem is they also attract bees. Big black bees... And I am deathly afraid of bees. Been stung a couple of times, and it's not a good thing. The bee was BIG, and it was buzzin around in the flower, you could see it had a bunch of pollen on it's backside. That must be why this particular vine is popping up everywhere else in our garden.
After a little research I found out it's a purple passionfruit flower. It smells heavenly!

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bugsnbubs said...

Ok love your simpson character...mine is taking forever...but how do you post a picture in your blog? I haven't learned that trick yet.