Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My head hurts

Okay, I know, I'm back so soon, but SERIOUSLY, what does it take to make a teenanger do one gosh darned thing I ask, WITHOUT attitude. Ohhhh... I treasure the day I ask "Can you please help me move the TV" without a "MAN, I'm tired (cause y'know I've bee laying on my lazy butt all day long talking on the phone with my psuedo girlfriend!)"

To quote Napoleon "GOSH!!!!!"

Just thinking about him sitting at home right, gives me a headache. Not only that, but I can imagine, when I get home, the house will be a mess and the weird smell that's been lingering in my kitchen for a couple days will still be there. I asked over 3 days ago, if he would wash the trash can, just in case it was that, y'now. Yeah, did he do it? Nope. Oh the trash can doesn't smell. Wash it anyway, yeah later....

Enough ramblings. I'll have to sit and watch TV in his room tonight to watch, YIKES, regular TV. You know tonight is BB8 and So you think you can Dance. Ah, the dilemma.


Jovi said...

clearly you should watch so you think you can dance! as long as we can get fox to come in that's what i'll be doing! but...i thought it wasn't on til wednesday??

Quiverof4 said...

Yeah on the teenager. Not sure what it takes, I have one of those at home, too.
Attitude is his middle name....funny, I don't remember it saying that on the birth certificate!