Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! I have my cable!! And no I didn't have to use grocery money to pay it.

I'm so smart, I tell you. So yesterday I get home and there is a notice from Time Warner, okay it's the 17th, the notice is dated the 6th, the postmark is the 11th. It says if you don't make a payment of $XX amount by the 14th your service will be interrupted. Well, the payment I made was more than they were asking, and it was on the 16th. So I call them and totally bitch about it, and they say "No problem Ma'am, I see your payment, your cable should be on" Ta-de-fucken-da!!! I can't explain how happy I was. So my whole competing TV shows (though clearly Jovi is in the know, since SYTYCD isn't on until tonight, doh!)

Okay, so I know watch ALOT of TV, but honestly, if it wasn't for that DVR, my life would be much more complicated. Like how silly to have to stop cooking or playing with Mateo at 8 p.m., JUST because a certain show will be on. I am so in love with my DVR. After Mateo goes to bed, I can watch 3-4 shows before going to sleep. With all the FF, it's really doable. Monday was painful. Having to watch Hell's Kitchen WITH commercials. omigosh! I've been spoiled.

Tonight is So You Think You Can Dance. I forget what else my DVR records but by tonight, I'll be watching it. I also have to have my daily dose of General Hospital. I know, I'm such a soap quenn, what can I say, I love it. Usually FF storylines with characters I don't like. Like the whole Sonny & long lost love Kate Howard a.ka. Connie Falconi. Eh... FF...

I am really intrigued with the whole Jason/Liz/Lucky and baby Jake sl. I mean who doesn't LOVE Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). He is such a phenomenal actor and it doesn't hurt to look at his rock hard body. He melts me.

I also have to find time scrapbook this week. I am enjoying going back to the Babycenter mb and taking up all the challenges. It really inspires me. I have two goals this weekend. To finish up a challenge with using some chipboard and entering a contest.

Also on my mind is my nephew in Iraq. He's been there almost 3 months. He wrote me and we were so happy to receive his letter. His sister (my niece) had a baby last week, and they are very close. I was sad to know that he missed the birth. I posted pics on his myspace account. I hope he is able to connect to the internet and check them out. She is really a cutie.

(I got the template from ILP the girls over on that board have a wealth of talent and knowledge. I love this template.)

I am wanting to send him a care package. In his letter he said he would want Cheez-its, bags of Noodle soup, and Lipton Iced Tea bags. I want to send him other stuff, but really don't know what could be useful for him or what is allowed.

Yesterday Mateo finally used the coolest bubble wand ever. It's a sword, and knowing my son, he loves anything pirate like or power ranger like. SO you dip the sword in it's plactic sleeeve you fill with bubbles. Then you pull it out and fly it through the air and out comes tons of big bubbles!! Mateo had so much fun! I suck because I did not even take one picture! Man talk about slacker mom.


bugsnbubs said...

GURRRL I love my dvr too!

tonight's agenda
so you think you can dance and
last comic standing. :)

Jovi said...

hmm, i clearly live in backward TV land, since i have neither cable nor DVR. how do i live??? :P SYTYCD was good, tho.

my friend's mom was in iraq for 18 months, i'll ask about care packages!