Wednesday, August 29, 2007

and the search goes on

My nephew is not home yet :( He told his mom last Friday, he would be home before school started. That's tomorrow. We made a missing poster. If he is not home tonight, we will full force distribute them (we put some up in the neighborhood the other day) No other contact has been made.

We are also planning on contacting the local news in LA. This is the most recent photo I have, probably 2 months ago.

Problem is, he is with his girlfriend. She has some emotional issues, she lives in a foster home with her biological sister. We went to her foster parent's house to ask more questions. They don't have contact with their mother or father (prostituion/drugs/jail) but we just found out that she has been communicating with her oldest sister. She had sent the two sisters pictures and her address. We asked the one at home were the envelope was. She said the girl took it with her. So light bulb turns on, hmmm, maybe they went with her. Her number is diconnected. I did a couple of searches to find out the number they had for her was in Canoga Park. No address was available though. Canoga Park is far far far away for them to have gotten to on their own. Also, come to find out, the girl is a hustler, and it is not beyond her to ask for money from strangers or hitch rides. Ughhh, it gets worse and worse. At this point my worst fear is that after he is home we come to find out the girl is pregnant. I hope to G-d, that it doesn't happen, but from what I've been told from several of her friends, that she DREAMED about living with Adrian and having his baby! The girl is 15!!! I'm really scared. Both my SIL and I were teen moms. It's not the best situation, though I have no regrets, it's still tough, and I wish that my son and my nephew do not make those same mistakes. It's my most wanted wish.

Through all of this, there are lots of 'cute' moments with my toddler. Yesterday, he wanted MY soda. I said no soda for you. He says

"Awww, I DONT want water, and I DONT want milk!"
I said okay, how about some ..... before I could finish
"AND I DONT want juice!"
Well then, there's nothing left to drink.
"Yes there is. SODA!"
No. No soda for you!
"Momma, it's all YOUR fault!"
Excuse me? It's my fault?
"Yes, momma it's your fault! I said I don't want water and I don't want milk and I don't want juice, its your fault I can't have soda!"

I swear, where does this kid come up with shit like that??!!

That got me to thinking. Did I ever tell ya'll about the light comment??

No? Okay.

I have Mateo on my lap on the computer chair. He pulls something off and it hit me on the head. I go "Owwww" and close my eyes and my head goes limp. He looks at me and shakes my head and says..

"Momma, don't go to the light!!!!" Don't go to the light!!"

I couldn't help but start cracking up. This was a long time ago too, so I think he was barely 3. I thought, where the heck does he get this shit from??


Stacie said...

I hope your nephew returns. is so intense at that age...or what they think that love is. It is scary. I hope that your son and nephew realize that being a teen parent is not what it is cracked up to be. I REALLY hope that he doesn't let "love" blind him into doing the wrong things. hugs. I can't imagine how scared you guys are for him. Sammy always says "awe, no fair" or "mom, you are so mean"<--gotta love that one. ;)

Jovi said...

ok, mateo and the light CRACKED ME UP!

i reallllly hope your nephew turns up soon and that this is a good learning experience for him w/out it having to be permenant (ie becoming a parent). **hugs**

ps aromaleigh has lipgloss on sale! LOL