Monday, August 27, 2007

Sneezing it up fans!

Here I am sick as a wacky dog! Last thursday and Friday were crazy busy at work. I have a cold/allergies and my eye swelled up. Probably blocked tear duct. On Friday, I was beat. Like really beat. I don't remember working so hard for a while. It seems our summer lull has all but vanished. I got home and threw myself in bed. Saturday, mostly just in bed.

Sunday we had a birthday party to go to. It was so much fun!! First of all the invitations came in first class ticket envelopes. Then came a kid passport, with our pass to Madeline's World in Paris. It was held at the Redondo Beach Marina Hotel. When we walked in the tables had minature air balloons (but they were really big) with balloon flowers and bugs. There was one area where there were balloon shops and awnings for Madeline's World, The Book Store, Old Fashion Candy Store and a Pastreise Shop. There were also street vendors, a Caricature artist.
The kids fashioned themselves to collect books, dolls, and fill their bags with candy, and then get drawn. They made the Eiffel tower out of cardboard along with street lights. It was sooo cute!
In my friend's Korean culture, the 1st birthday is very very important. This is the most extravagant party their child will have. It's to celebrate the fact that they are one and alive! Her little boy's party 3 years ago, was on a yacht at the Marina harbor.

Needless to say, my son was on a sugar high for most of the day :D

Now onto some not so good news. My 17 year old nephew ran away. It's been 3 days. We've looked for him everywhere we can think and no leads. Well first his girlfriend ran away, and she came to get him to leave with her, and he did. He called his mom Friday and said he had to help his friend. Apparently she is not mentally well, and has threatened to commit suicide if he broke up with her. My SIL was trying to get him to end the relationship, but the girl was relentless. And as we all know, girls have a very savvy way of getting men to do their bidding. Yes, they were having a sexual relationship, and even though my SIL was advising him of the dangers of having premarital sex, of course, fell on deaf ears.

She has called the local authorities, but we are lost as to what to do next. Her foster family has combed the neighborhood and friends, to no avail. Adrian didn't have a whole lot of friends, and the ones he does have all say, they would take him in if he came to them, but would turn the girlfriend away. So no one has seen him. I gave my SIL the national runaway hotline, but I guess our next step is to make up fliers and start distributing them. We live in a suburb of Los Angeles. There are buses that will take you anywhere in the city. Who knows where they could have gone. Downtown LA is 15 miles away, but a whole different world altogether, and hundreds of communities within a 30 mile radius.

Anyway, that's my rant for the day. Maybe.


Jovi said...

oh hon, i hope your nephew turns up safely soon! how scary. *hugs* the party sounds super cool! and your book list is are inspiring me to start reading again!

Stacie said...

OMG, I hope your nephew comes to his senses and comes home!!

WOW on the birthday party. That IS extravagent!!!

Stacie said...

any news?