Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Always Remember

6 years ago. Wow.

I can remember exactly what I was doing. I was running late that morning, so I didn't even get to turn on the news.

I ran in the car, having no radio, I couldn't even listen in the car. Traffic was awfully light, I thought.

Then my husband called my cell phone.

He said "Honey have you heard the news?"

I said "No, why?"

"Someone just bombed the Capitol"

Immediately, I thought he was joking with me, and said "Shut up, are you sure?"

My husband tends to react to things before fully understanding the meaning.

I said "Okay whatever" and went on my merry way to work (in Downtown Los Angeles, in a 50 floor building, wearing my brand new super high heels, and my feet were hurting!)

When I got to our parking garage, I noticed alot of people heading out. Still no clue. When I got into our office, finally it hit me. OMIGOD! They sent everyone home. We were on high alert.

I was afraid driving home, I could not see through my tears. I hadn't fully become aware of what was happening. But I was afraid.

Everything is different now.

The world is different.

This war we fight, our sons and daughters, will our children ever see the benefits?

David, I love you and am thinking about you. I hope you are safe today in Iraq.

Always Remember

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