Friday, October 12, 2007

Double Jointed

I know I'm a bigger girl. But even being bigger, I've always found myself being pretty flexible. Actually after having Mateo and seeing him move his arms and wrists in ways that you would think they would break, I came to look at myself and some of my quirks. Which I obviously passed down to him.

I always thought bending your finger all the way back was normal. I can bend any finger on my hand backwards, to form a straight horizantal line. It doesn't quite touch the back of my hands, but it's more than half way there. I eat sandwiches or tacos with my palm facing me or up. From observing other people, like my husband and oldest child, I notice they hold sandwiches with their fingers on top and thumb on the bottom and their palms face left (if they are holding it with the right hand) Like making a C.

And not even mention what my body can do in tight contained places (y'know like a shower that is big enough for one person *wink*wink* and you are trying to get your groove on before the kids come roaring in the room, and you have to lock the door and say "wait, mommy is using the bathroom *wink*wink*)

So another weird quirk of mine is, I drink bottled or canned anything from the side of my mouth. Not straight on, but a little to the right and down. I didn't even realize it, till one of my friends at work mentioned something. So of course, I'm always conscience of it. I asked my family about it and most said yes they noticed it, but never thought to say anything. Nice.

I also cannot drink out of plastic cups. They must be glass. Is that weird...?


thelaughingdoll said...

Being one of the lucky people who actually get to hang out with you in person, I can honestly say that those "quirks" of yours are absolutely endeaering. Love ya sweetie pie!!!!!!!!!!!

Jovi said...

man, we gotta compare weird joint tricks next time we hang out! i think you have me beat, but hey, it's always fun to be with another freak of nature :P

Cookie's Mommy said...

freak ;)

Stacie said...

FREAK. Oh shoot Jill already said that ;)

lmao. I love that you are "quirky" makes you YOU.