Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am right brained. Take this test . See if you are more fact or fantasy. LOL!
Let me know what you get. I find this stuff interesting!

I am a proud new owner of a CraftyMamma bag. It's a bummer blogger is having issues and I can't upload a picture right now. It's freaking cute. This morning on the elevator I was with 5 people, 4 of them men, and the girl said, that is a "sweet" purse. I was doubly excited because ( has offices in our building, one floor below us. Darn, I totally took her business cards out, next time I see one of the girls, I'm gonna hand them the card.

It's kind of an army green with some retro pink birdies on it. It's adorable!!!

Is everyone ready for Trick or Treating???

We are, I made these cute treat cups for the kids in Mateo's Class. I am selling some on ebay. I think they look adorable. I am taking orders in groups of 10 if anyone wants some. I have a deadline of Friday though. That would give me enough time to make them on the weekend and mail them out by early next week to get there in time.

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