Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is this hard to see?

I wanted something different, but the template I found was difficult to install.. So I gave up.

How is this.. I was really thinking 80's color when I was picking colors. But not sure if the black background is me?? I only get to be girly so much, so I really prefer girly stuff. Like my Myspace page. Love that one!!

Okay, if you have anything better or "me" send me a link. If I can copy and paste it pretty easily I'm all for it... But I need to have the side column, which side doesn't matter, and my links, and pics available. Oh and I love pink, turquoise or soft blue with swirly or flowers...:D

If I pick your suggestion, I'll send you a really nice handmade gift to say thanks!


Stacie said...

I actually like the look of your page...love the header. I have been in the need of learning how these themes work. I can really play around with my myspace layout, but I haven't figured out this sites stuff.

ANYWAY. I like the new look.

Stacie said...


that is where I got mine, but make sure you save your links somewhere because I had to readd them once I applied the template.