Thursday, October 4, 2007

Of Night & Dreams

We all have dreams, right? I remember most of mine. I have found that the more vivid dreams the more I feel something off the rest of day. I was reading some of my posts. There is a post on the 4th of Sept. I wrote about feeling butterflies in my stomach. Some intuiton of what was going to happen that day. That night when I got home, we got a phone call from Adrian. Weird? If I hadn't typed it out here that morning, it could have been discounted as dejavu or some other weird sensation. Let's go back a little further.

A week before we found Adrian, I had another vivd dream about Adrian. I have never really dreamt about him or even my kids, per say, but that's another subject. Okay. So I call Eva the next morning. I tell her, I had this really strange dream about Adrian. I dreamt that we found him at the park. I hugged and said, man I'm going to kick your ass, where the hell were you guys staying? He looked at me and said alot, but basically they were staying at a abandoned McDonald's in Long Beach. Flash forward to us picking him up at the airport a week later. We hug them, and while we wait for their one bag, we start asking questions. Where were you guys?
Oh we went to Chinatown, then Universal City Walk, then we took the train to Long Beach. We stayed at the pier for a day. WAIT!!!!!! WHAT???!!!! Eva quickly turns and gives me a what the fuck is going on look... Coincedence?

That same week I had a dream about Victor's sister. The next morning I ask him if he has talked to his sister, he says no, why? I said I had a really weird dream about her. I dreamt I went to her house, and her husband asked what I was doing there. He told me you already know she took off, and you guys got you wanted. His family was at their house have a party. I told him, if I would have known she left you, why would I be looking for her. I didn't know.

I told my husband I better call your sister. He thought my dream was weird too, and said yeah, call her. Well time went by and I never did call her. Last week I call her cell phone. Her husband answered. I asked for her, and his response was "No, no, no, no. You need to call her mom's house or her daughter" I was like "mmmm, okay" and I hung up. I called my niece on her cell and sure enough my sister in law has left and was staying with her. What the fuck??!!!

I called my husband immediately and told him. And he was like, didn't you tell me that 2 weeks ago? I said no I told you my dream, now this is real. He said well, if you ever have a bad dream about me please tell me.

Now if you have read this far, do you suppose it's just coincidence? Or is there something stronger than intuition? It really freaks me out. It's not like it happens, THEN I say, oh yeah I had a dream about it last week. I actually tell people about the dreams, then something happens. Not necessarily the way my dream went, but the same message comes through.

I have lots of vivid dreams. All the time. Some make no sense, but maybe if I pay a little more attention to them, they are telling me something.

Or am I just crazy?


Jovi said...

ok, well, keep in mind that i was raised by hippies, but i *totally* don't think it's coincidence. you sound like you're having psychic dreams to me, baby!

Stacie said...


just kidding, i think that woman's intuition and dreams are MOST definately something to pay attention to! Keep a book log of your dreams and start seeing how many of them come true or have truths in them. YAY!