Friday, October 26, 2007

Sketches & Treats

Well, I have a new blog!! It's my sketch blog. I've thought about this for a long time, and decided to go for it!

Take a look here I hope you like it! I have lots of ideas, like monthly challenges, and trying to get some other stuff going. Let's see how it goes.

Today was Mateo's Halloween party at school. I bought him a semi-handmade costume on ebay. Guess what he is??

Isn't he cute???!!!!

The treat cups were a hit! The teachers loved them. I didn't stay long enough to see the kids reaction, but I'm sure they were happy with the amount of candy there...

Tomorrow my mom and I have a "date". Ha-ha. It's always good to do stuff just the two of us. It's so seldom we do things together. We are going to see Bella. I'm very excited about this movie. Honestly, I love anything that portrays latin american as positive. I love anything that shows what a beautiful people and culture we are. My mom is getting pretty excited, because I told her the actor, Eduardo Verastegui is considered Mexico's "Brad Pitt" and at first she hadn't heard of him, but this week she keeps telling me, she has seen all over TV and it seems to me that she is excited to go see it!

Last week my sister and law and I went to see 'Why did I get married' I can honestly give it 5 stars * * * * *. I really enjoyed it. It made me get up out of my seat and say "Hell Yeah!" I cried, I laughed, oh I laughed so hard. It really connected with me.

I also want to see Dan in Real Life, but I don't know if I could drag anyone with me to see it.

Next week we are going to see the Bee Movie with a friend. I think Mateo will enjoy it.

Gotta scoot! Smooch.

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Stacie said...

crap...I am really bad at guessing.

Is he a zoo keeper? I do know one thing that isn't a guess...he is such a handsome lil dude!