Sunday, October 28, 2007


So how was your weekend??

Ours was well.. My mom and I watched Bella. It was good! But the ending left me wanting more. Is that what a good movie does? Anyway of course we pigged out on Popcorn, with extra butter, and large drinks. Man did I pay for that later.. Man did I ever. No, like seriously, I was sitting on the toilet and holding a trash can to my face. You'd think I was drunk, but nope. But I can tell you I will NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER EVER eat popcorn at the movies again. Nope never!!!! It's bad...

Mateo had a fever last night. : ( He has a cold, but I was thinking it was more like allergies because of the very bad air quality we have right now. But what's up with fever?? It never fails, the last 3 years, Mateo has been sick for Halloween. And I am thinking since his fever is over now, I can expect something in the next couple of days. Fun.

Hubby stayed home today, so from throwing up and shitting all night long, then staying up with the fussy hot baby, I was able to get some rest. Bless his heart. He woke up and cleaned and vaccummed. All while I slept. Then I took advantage and sat and scrapbooked! LOL! It was the perfect way to end a great weekend!

We also caught up with some shows we haven't been able to watch. Let's see I caught up on Grey's and Ugly Betty, then we caught up with Bionic Woman, Last Man Standing and Sunny in Philadelphia.. I still have like 4 shows of Dirty Sexy Money, Hot Shots, Damages and something else.. But who knows if I'll ever watch them. I just deleted Women's Murder Club, Cane, Prison Break, Samantha Who? and some others... I'm just sticking to basics, oh and General Hospital!

Omigod!! It's gonna be a good next couple of weeks!! Stay tuned. I'm sure I'll be all over it!

Good night!

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Stacie said...

Ya know...I LOVE movie popcorn, but it gives me the shits too. Wonder if it is something they have changed with the kind of oil they use now.

I hope you feel better and Mateo too!