Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bags & Hair

So on the day before Thanksgiving, I got this box in the mail. When I saw Kelci's name on the return address I was soo excited. I got my bags!!! I bought a beautiful asian cherry blossom purse, then I had her custom make a bag for me, and 2 more for gifts.

This is what started my obsession with Kelci's bags. My first!

Then I bought this one, I just received. Love that the strap is a little shorther on this one.

My custom order bag. I picked out the fabric, and told her she could do whatever with it. It's a little big, but worked perfectly for the outings we had this weekend! Love it, totally love it!

My gifts to my two pre-teen nieces. They saw my bag (above) and said it was "cool".

Then the day after Thanksgiving I got my haircut.. It's been a while, so it's a kind of a big thing for me. And they took 4 hours!!! I got color, highlights and a cut. She cut about 4 inches off my hair. They day I came out of the salon it looked great. But the day after not so much. I think she thinned it out way too much with those razor things. My hair is super fine to begin with. Ah... It grows back right? It looks like I have mullet.

Yesterday we went to see Beowulf. It was okay. Today my mom and I want to see Love in time of Cholera but it's not playing in our new theatre. I might convince her to see No Country for Old Men. I'm not sure. Cholera got pretty awful reviews. I think partly because they didn't stay true to the book. I haven't read it, but it's on my list. No Country has gotten great reviews, but I'm not sure, if it's my mom's type of movie.



Jovi said...

are you trying to break me with those bags?? LOL very cute!

Stacie said...

those are great them.

let's see the mullet, I am sure you look beautiful regardless.