Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tag! 7 Weird Things about me

I've been tagged by Stacie! List 7 weird things about myself..
I think I've shared quite a few of my weird habits. So let's hear some more.

1. I drink bottles out of the side of my mouth. Yep. Don't know why just do.

2. I have slight OCD. I wish it was the keeping my house clean OCD, but no, it's weird little things. Like I have to step off a curb with my right leg, and I have to take step on a curb with my right leg. If it's my left leg's turn to step, I take a quick step with it instead and use my right to go up. {weird, yeah I know}

3. I bite my nails. ALOT. The only time I didn't bite them, was when I pregnant with Mateo. They tasted something awful for some reason. Now they are delicious, apparently so, since I'm always munching on them. Well not my nails per say, because they are all nubs, so then I start with my cuticles. And you know what, it hurts.

4. I have weird allergies. Like to a specific type of grape, or nut. Not sure which kind. And I guess it's a good thing it's nothing serious. I just get some hives near my lips. It doesn't happen all the time though, so that is what is so weird about it.

5. I've been with my man for 18 years. In this day and age it's weird.

6. I am super picky with shirts. Now I wonder where Mateo gets it. Like it has to be the right material, not have a high neck (cause I feel like I'm choking). So you will NEVER see me wearing a turtleneck.

7. I like to pick my nose. No really. I do. I don't know if it's cause I've always had allergies, and my nose always itches. But I get a sense of satisfaction picking my nose. My husband tells me to use a tissue, but it's just not quite the same. :D

Only 7, because you know I could go on and on. But then I'd be afraid I'd totally ostracize any friends I have left. So we'll leave it at that.

I am tagging Kelci (Crafymama), Debi (The Laughing Doll), Shanna (Scrappy Sketches), Kristi (Kristi's Ramblings) and Shannon (Vahl Family Highlights)

Let me know when you post, so I can read your weirdness!


Jovi said...

heheh, i haven't posted mine yet, so i'll laugh at you! the curb thing cracked me up...def in a laughing NEAR you, not at you way...*kisses*

deb wilkinson said...

OMG Marie (Andrea)! I needed a good laugh. I, of course, can vouch for all of these things you do ('cause I get to hang out with you), but to me, they just make you more endearing (specially the nose pickin' cause I do that too!). I love ya sista!!!

Stacie said...


Kristi said...

Love this! I posted my weirdness on my blog...