Tuesday, November 27, 2007

P.S. I love you

You know how sometimes you just have to have a good cry. Well, I feel it coming. I just feel like I need a good old cry. When my mon and I went to see Love in Time of Cholera, I thought I would get a good cry. But I didn't. The movie fell way flat. BUT I saw this preview to P.S. I Love You. And I was bawling at the trailer. I HAVE to see this movie.

Plus it has Lisa Kudrow in it, and I think she is funny!!

Hilary Swank, not to crazy about, but she seems likable in the trailer. Oh and Gerard Butler, I mean, c'mon, him and all his Irish hotness..


Stacie said...

lol...I love good cries sometimes!

how are you making your banners at the top of the page??? please show me. :D

Andrea said...

It's a secret! LOL!
I get a royalty free graphic, then I just add my name in Photoshop to make it look pretty.
Tell what you are looking for?
I can make one for you, but I usually have to buy the graphic.

Stacie said...

I saw a preview for this finally last night, I want to see it too!

I have no clue what I would want as a banner, but I do know I don't want to buy it (or for you to)---I am a tight ass my dear ;). Thanks though and I love yours on here and your sketches blog.