Sunday, November 18, 2007

What would you do for love?

This is the theme of the November sweeps for GH. OMG. It's soo good!

You see I read spoilers, and I am so glad and suprised when they don't go the way I read about them. Makes swearing off spoilers even better.

See the last time I checked with the spoilers, Emily was not supposed to die. Natalia Livingston, the actress who plays Emily, just signed a new 3 year contract. I mean really, we all know when actors don't renew contracts, you can usually expect a send off. So I was pretty certain Emily would not become victim of the crazy murderer at the ball ( I mean, even after Friday's episode, the peope I thought *could* be the murderer, really aren't, but I have my finger on who it is).

I am so loving GH right now, because they are throwing curve balls at me at every corner. I thought the whole baby reveal would go down differently.

But let's get back to Jason. My goodness... He is soo good. Those last scenes with him climbing on top of that ledge with Liz. omigod! I cannot wait for Monday.

And actually speaking of soaps. I wonder how the writer's strike will affect my soap. It's the only thing I really care about. Cause if you were to ask me to only keep one show, it would definitely be GH. I would delete and stop recording all other shows. Seriously.

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