Monday, November 19, 2007


Mateo is sooo funny. You know I think he was a born performer.

He makes up words to songs, though mostly they have to do with Mommy and how beautiful she is :D, and how much he loves her. He'll throw in daddy and brother too, but mostly it's about mommy. *snicker*

Most lyrics go

"I love mommy so much, SO much!
I love mommy so much, SO SO much!
and daddy too,
and brother too.
I love mommy so much, SO much! (the second chorus is done with much more enthusiasm too!)
I love mommy SO much, SOO MUCH!!!"
{repeat} (You get the idea)

So at this point we have to clap to indicate the ending of the song, or else it goes on and on, and in his best soprano voice he trails off and stops. Then bows with a swift, "Thank you, thank you"

Adorable. I've got to get in on video.

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Stacie said...

how sweet. Yes, you must get that on video.