Friday, December 21, 2007

General Hospital

I should be working. Since I haven't seen any of this weeks GH's episode, I will only comment on last weeks. So one day with out Sonny. Wow.. We need more. I think Sonny & Kate are so boring. Luke's heart issues. Blah. Boring... I love Johnny Zachara. I love that they kept his character. When he first came on, it was supposed to be a short stint. I am so glad they kept him. I think him and Lulu are H.O.T. Logan is sooohhhoooo boring.

Okay, so my real problem. Are they seriously trying to make Emily into another Alan?? It's not working people. One ghost is enough for me. Plus Alan's ghost is so freaking hysterical. Him and Tracy crack me up! I love watching it. But Emily... ay yay yay. please stop.

I'm really liking Sam and Lucky together. Lucky seems happy when he is with her. I am just afraid of what Sam will do to Lucky. Something seems off.

So do ya'll think Cooper is the strangler? I thought so from the very beginning. But know I think it's a bit more obvious. I think Friday's (last Friday) show ended fantastically. I like the build up. I can't wait to watch. I'll probably catch up on GH tonight on my DVR. Ohh, I am so excited. I'll probably wrap presents and watch GH...with a bag of chips and nacho cheese!

Where do I find time you ask? Well see the whole mob war, Rick & Skye, Sonny & Kate, Carly& Jax, Luke thing really bores me. So I fast forward till I see my hunka man. Then I usually press slow motion, and watch those gorgeous blue....err... I'm back... Yeah, I usually fast forward those story lines and stick to Jason & Liz, the strangler, Georgie & Spinelli, Epiphany, Lucky & Sam, and Anthony & Lulu. So the episodes end up being 15 -20 mins in total!

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Lori said...

Andrea, so, don't read this comment if you haven't at least seen Monday's GH.

Do you like the haircut? I almost fell on the floor when I saw it. OMG, I LOVED his long hair, although it was getting a bit too long, I liked it more when he was on trial a little while back. But after a few episodes now, the short hair is growing on me. And I'm am LOVING that he's meeting Liz secretly...I love watching them together, you know, pretending I'm Liz, LOL!

I agree, LUKE is BORING! ugh!