Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I lost it? I never knew I had it!

My 3 year old, suddenly has this fascination with his penis. Although, he doesn't use the proper word for it. To him, it's his pee pee. Look it's better than calling it his ugly dangle thing.

Sooo, he's been going around asking me for the past week "Mommy do you have a pee pee??" No Mateo, I'm a girl, girl's don't have pee pees.

"Grandma, do you have a pee pee?"
"No, I'm a girl"
"Oh, I'm a boy, I have a pee pee. You're a girl. How do YOU go pee pee?"
"Well, I sit on the toilet"

"Mom, do you have a pee pee?"
'No Mateo, remember, I'm a girl. And girls don't have pee pees"
"Mom! Remember when you were a tiny, little baby? And you had a pee pee, then you lost it."

Walks out to ask his dad about his pee pee... boys, the fascination starts wayyy early.


Stacie said...

lmao...Sammy and I have had the SAME conversation. His, though, is called Peter...and I tell you our real Uncle Pete does NOT appreciate us using his name for Sammy's part.

Jovi said...

dude, he's freud's perfect example! you HAD a penis, but you lost it! of course! (right, cause that's what freud says little kids think- that everyone had a penis, but girls lost theirs, usually as some sort of punishment, and that then becomes a fear that they had better be careful, lest they lose theirs, too. i'm gonna stop with the freud now, OK?)