Friday, December 7, 2007

New Releases 12/07/07

As you may or may not know, I am a total movie freak. It's my escape. I am a movie goer, and am one of those moms who drags their {mostly well behaved} kids to the theatre. To be totally friendly to other movie goer's we tend to go in the AM like 11 or noon. Never past 3 p.m. When I assume most movie goers go. I mean, I would not take my kids to see P.S. I love you, but Spiderman, Star Wars, etc...

So this weekend brings some of my highly anticipated films.

Juno, who was written by a former stripper and blogger. {isn't that a dream!} Plus it deals with teenage pregnancy, and I since I was, I like to take a look at stuff like this and get a good laugh. You know like Saved!, which I thought was hysterical. Problem is, no one likes to go with me to see them...

Golden Compass Yes, I have received all the emails asking to boycott the movie, because of it's atheist beliefs, but really? The movie looks freaking awesome. It's Sci-Fi, which in our house is huge. Plus, I'm confident that when we see this movie my 17 year old is not going to run out and research atheist beliefs. I am confident, that whatever our beliefs are, we have taught him well. So there.

Those two are my must see movies.

I'd like to see Atonement with Keira Knightly, but it could probably wait till DVD. I know that alot of the scenes and costumes are supposed to be gorgeous.

I still have many on my list to see, but once they movie is past 3 or 4 weeks old. I tend to lost interest.

Hopefully I can get over this terrible gas I am experiencing right at this moment. Geez... At least they are not smelly (well according to me anyway) :D


Don Mills Diva said...

oooh I so want to see Juno too - Cody Diablo is a fascinating woman.

Jovi said...

i totally wanna see the golden compass- i agree it looks cool! and hey, they are award winning stories, so i presume it will be....a good story. plus do you hear all us non-christians carrying on about the christian message in narnia, and how we're secretly being fed christian propaganda? sigh. /soapbox

lmk how they all are, since i won't see them til i can netflix them, lol!

oh and i love (and own!) saved!

ummmhello said...

Oh yeah, we're a movie family, too. My 9 year old wants to see I Am Legend with us, citing the movie rating as PG-13 but explaining that he thinks it'll be okay. Yeah, kid, sure.