Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to torture your teenage son

I'm a posting fool, huh?

Okay, so I told you the other day I was upset at him. It's nothing huge, well maybe, but anyway. I snoop. I snoop alot. I went to his myspace page and found ALOT of questionable items on it. Alot. I was not happy. Well I logged into his account... hmm, what? Oh how did I log into his account. Well that deserves a short intermission paragraph.

When I first discovered he went on myspave. I also created a myspace. When I was logging on all of a sudden an email address populated the sign in sheet. It was my son's. Okay so that was his log in. Whatever. I tried emailing him something from work at that email address and it came unknown. SO, I figured he made up the email to start his myspace. Well I went to yahoo, and created that email address. Then went to myspace and asked it to email the password, and voila. I know invasion of privacy, yada yada yada. But I have good reason. He's been caught doing things he shouldn't be, against the law even. So I have to keep a close on him. Alot of info I got through his myspace. So I'm always checking it...

2nd Act:
I checked his myspace after he got in trouble at school (okay if you must know he was suspended, bad bad boy!) And I discovered I didn't like what I saw. I deleted all his background and graphics and added my own. LMAO!! He now has an elmo skipping background, and Ol' Jolly animated Santa on his page. There may be hearts and sparkle stuff involved but i'm not telling. I don't know if he's discovered it because I changed the password to the computer and he can't log on.

Okay, go ahead, give me the worst mommy to a teenager award. I deserve it. I would die if my mom did that me.


Staciesmadness said...

ROFLMAO...I would do the same so instead of a finger shaking I am giving you a standing applause!

He probably won't even suspect you, with all the hackers out there...and you can use that if you DON'T want him to find out it was you. ;)

I will not be opposed to doing the same when my kids get to his age... :D

so what did he do to be suspended? email in private if you don't want to tell the blog world ;)

Cookie's Mommy said...

wow, smart mom! no finger shaking here, just props for being so darn smart! now does he know about this blog? lmfao!

Jovi said...

i ain't gonna lie- i'll finger shake. (you can do the same to me in 9 years when i have a teenager!) but i'm also lmao cause man, that is some funny shit!

ummmhello said...

Good for you! That's hilarious. When we were kids, there was no such thing as "personal space" and I'll be damned if my kids are going to have any either!