Saturday, December 8, 2007

Rinse & Repeat

So the other day, we were at the Sears Portrait Studio. Mateo and Victor were waiting around the lobby while I filled out paperwork. There is another family there and the little boy is sitting near Mateo.

The little boy throws something on the floor, and his father says "Ryan, stop it or you're going to be in big trouble."

So Mateo chimes in "Ryan, stop it or you're going to be in big trouble."

The little boy, presumably his name is Ryan, says to Mateo (in a very agitated voice) "STOP copying my dad."

which Mateo responds with "Stop copying my dad."

Ryan gets frustrated, and his dad picks him up and basically drags him out. I know it's not nice, but really what could I do. I could barely hear him, and his big brother was telling Mateo to stop it. I was cracking up after the fact.

So see this is the problem. Mateo repeats everything..

Yesterday we went to a Chinese restaurant (mmm had some honey walnut shrimp...mmmmm good) and when the waiters were talking to themselves in their language, Mateo tried to, yup that right, copy them. THAT was embarassing.

So what to do?


Cookie's Mommy said...
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Cookie's Mommy said...

rofl...what to do?? carry a camcorder, I suppose...

Stacie said...

watch what you say around him ;)

Jovi said...

lol...i'd just tell him that people don't usually like to have their words repeated back to them cause it's teasing, and it might hurt feelings, so you don't want him to do that to strangers especially.