Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beautiful Disaster

People, it's not all roses and Diet Coke in the land of milk and cookies. This weekend I had a pretty major meltdown. Here, let me give you 5 reasons.

Reason No. 1... My teenager is going to send me to an early grave.
Seriously....He's very rebellious and stubborn like me. 2 of me, not a good combo.

Reason No. 2 ... You see a couple of posts below a picture of my new puppy. Here is the story.
My dear husband, decided to suprise us with said puppy. Kids fall in love. I never wanted
puppy, cause I did not want to deal with it. But it's here. So I deal with, well kinda.
the potty training not going so good. She's in her crate, when she wakes up, she cries,
I take her directly to bathroom with the arm & hammer pads for puppies. She doesn't go.
I leave her for 45 mins. Still won't go. Let her out, and she pees on my carpet. Next we
try the Hartz pads. Same thing. Next we try newspaper, same thing. By this point I'm super
frustrated, and no one is helping. Exactly the situation I did not want to be in.

Reason No. 3.... Puppies make lil one cry.
My little one has never cried so much! He cries cause the puppy is asleep. He cries cause
the puppy is playing with his brother. He cries when I tell him "Let her eat" He cries and
wails and cries some more. Then throws himself on the bed.

Reason No. 4....Messy rooms frustrate me.
I look down at my dining room, where I keep my scrapbooking stuff. It's a mess.
My brother is living with us and he is in the future craft/play room. I want my ROOM!

Reason No. 5.... Above mention teen gets cocky.
Then to top it off, said teen, while punished doesn't do his chores and proceeds to tell me,
why he should do them, so all I can do is sit and scrap!

See so all that packed together, caused a slight meltdown. Well if you ask my oldest, he would tell you that I went a bit crazy. But for this crazy person, it felt great. It felt great to throw plate and hear it crashing on the floor. (But the momma in me made sure there was no one around to get hurt), I threw the dog outside (not literally, but you get it), I gathered my scrapping stuff and threw them out the door (literally) I cried, screamed and slept. Today I feel alot better.
My teen picked up the broken plate and cup (didn't I mention that) and then thankfully left me alone the rest of the night. But I was still fuming. I don't get over things quite easily. I was also so mad, I just slept. My husband also picked up my scrapping stuff and brought it inside. It's not always like this. I just have my crazy moments.

One funny thing was that when my husband came home with pizza & wings (I WAS NOT about to cook dinner in my mood!) He asked the lil one, how are you? and his response. Mommy is crazy. (He got that from his brother)

But today, we (I) am somewhat back to normal.


MO said...

Hi Andrea!!
I found your blog through our site!
Love it!!!
Hang in there crazy one. (It happens to all of us once in a while!lol)
Take a deep breath and handle one moment at a time..
Hugs to you my dear..
I *heart* you!
Love Mo

Stacie said...


Ok, on the puppy...are you putting the pee pad IN her cage? Cause they never want to pee (if they can help it) where they sleep. So if you are, try putting the pad elsewhere...preferably by the door you will let her out when she is trained.

I have no advise on the teen...only grit my teeth, cause I am sure I will be there in a few years. :(

*hugs* again.

Jovi said...

wow, what a tough day!! *hugs*

on the pup- is there a reason you're doing pee pads instead of outside? if you can, i'd say go straight for outside, otherwise you'll have to train her twice, essentially.

hang in there, sweetie!

Deirdre said...

Andrea...I feel your pain!!! Our puppy is now a year old and we love her (although our carpet may never be the same). Hang in there!!

deb wilkinson said...

Oh sweetie pie, I'm so sorry things got crazy. But you're not crazy hon, you're just a stressed out, busy mom. You're not the first person (and certainly won't be the last) to throw a plate and have a meltdown. LOVE YA!!!!