Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jovi Shout Out!

I just wanted to give the hippest coolest Jovi a shout out (WHY OH WHY do I always want to type Jovi with an e at the end?!) I got a package on Friday, with some awesome gifts! She sent me the cutest shoes. I wore them all weekend. Kept my feet super warm, as I always wear sandals or tennis, and these were so comfortable and warm! She made me one of her adorable pink monsters. Mateo quickly grabbed it and said it was HIS monster, and I said, but Mateo it's pink, anything pink is mommy's. He begrudgingly gave it back! I feel so honored to have a creature. There were some books, and none I have read. One is really, really big, but interesting, so we'll see when I can take a crack at it. Plus I haven't read the kite runner, so yay!

Thank you thank you! I really needed it this weekend! xoxoxoxoxo


Stacie said...

yay, jovi does rock, doesn't she?

pictures please.

Jovi said...

yay!! so glad you are pleased. i had sooo much fun putting it together! and i am relieved you haven't read the kite runner- i thought you hadn't, but didn't want to ask ;)