Monday, January 28, 2008


Why do I blog? Hmmm....You know, I know I'm not the very funniest or clever blogger. There are hundreds of bloggers out there, who are fantastic. I guess when I started blogging, I just felt this great sense of release. I'm a talker. And I guess in the real world, I usually can't get all I want said, said. Here I can talk and talk without interruptions. And if your reading and don't like it, then you just close the window. Easy.

I love when people leave comments. You don't have to know me or love me (which I know my loyal readers do!) to leave a comment either. It sure puts a smile on my face when I see comments though.

I'm spastic and have a thousand things going on in my head. None of my thoughts are ever clear or thought out. What fun is that?

And yes, there will be typos and grammatical errors everywhere. I wasn't a major in English people. That's all.


Stacie said...

yep, pretty much why I blog too. Getting the racing thoughts out of my head really helps. :D

Jovi said...

humph. i didn't major in english, either, missy. no excuses! LOL. *kisskiss*