Saturday, January 26, 2008

GH Ramblings

So I am caught up with my General Hospital. Well, not Friday, cause I got interrupted, but I'll get back to it.

SOOO Text Message Strangler? Coop? Logan? We know it's not Johnny Z (YAY)...Spill it already. Yes he got the DNA test results, but could he have an explanation? It would have been cool, if we the audience knew who it was, and the suspense would be when the rest of Port Charles would find out. Ugh...

So, Elizabeth? The girl is driving me fucking batty! Get over her high horse. Stop leading my man on. He most definitely wants to be with her. She will settle for interrupted secret getaway time. No... I'll take him, please. It kills me to see him when he is thinking about Elizabeth and Jake. Kills me. Meanwhile, Lucky has surely moved one, and is getting his groove on. They do really look cute together.

Back to Elizabeth for one second. Do you think they are throwing post-traumatic stress and giving her medication for a reason. There is always a reason? Unfit mother anyone? hmmmm...

Lulu and Johnny Z - H-O-T.. More please..

That's all I can say. Really Sonny and Kate. {yawn} Get over it. Sara Brown coming back (Old Carly) as a mob princess? Really. She is supposed to get hot and heavy with Sonny. Won't that be weird? I wonder if they will find out if they like this couple better together than with Kate, and just get rid of Kate and put her with Jax. And have Carly pining over Jason who is with Elizabeth. {I can dream, right}

I think I'm gonna scrapbook now. Yes, I'll drag all my shit back out from my car, closet, shed... I knew it wouldn't last long.


Marcia said...

Ok, I feel like you are my long lost sister again. I love scrapbooking! I can't live without it! I wanted to scrapbook on the cruise! But moreso, your page styles look so similar to mine, all different patters and colors, but just that same bold contrast! Nice work MaMa.
BTW, I bought Rock Star Paper and embellishments. The frist set has 113 pictures, I think the second one has almost 200 pictures. This book is going to be HUGE! How are you taking these picturs, out of sleeve?

Andrea said...

Is that you Marcia???!!! Scrapping, Bring it on!!!!!!!!! I didn't know you scrapped!! Show me!

Yes I take pictures of my layouts out of the sleeves.