Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Years! (a little late) & resolutions & guilty pleasures

One more year has passed, and dang it, if it just didn't fly by.
2007 was a bad year for us. My husband's business was s-l-o-w. My son turned 17. Enough said. Really. Here is hoping that this year is a little better, or at least goes by quickly so I don't notice it.

I always read about people making resolutions for the new year. I've never made resolutions. Mostly, because I know I can't stick to them and what use is it calling it a New Year Resolution, when in March I'll be calling the same resolution, getting ready for summer resolution, or before the Holidays resolution or before this year ends resolution? So if it's something serious like health wise, why not call it, "For the sake of saving my life resolution?" And why not make the resolution every month, week or day? Whatever, I like to talk alot of crap, but I won't change a damn thing.

Okay, so I DVR'ed my new guilty pleasure. And you know I missed my little show while it was gone. So I'm pretty anxious to see it tonight. "Gossip Girl" I mean the title alone got me intrigued, and sure it's about teenagers, but rich pretentious teens don't count. I love watching this show. I don't know that I've ever admitted to anyone that I actually watch it, so it's my guilty pleasure.

SOOO, I got an award, sort of, I guess.

My friend Stacie. She is the queen blogger. She went in kinda kicking and screaming and she's in it for good! LOL. Love ya Stac!

I will pass this award to Kelci. Mostly because the crabby mommy powers is soo Kelci...


Stacie said...

GIRL, you don't need a bodacious award from me, you KNOW you are bodacious! Besides--crabby mommy powers are quite COOL too ;)

Kelci said...

How dare you! Bitch! Ok, so I need to pass the award on? Hmmmmmm. I can't recall a time when I haven't been positively chipper and smiling.