Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Introducing our newest member!

Welcome Tula!!!

This is our newest member. My husband decided that we needed a dog. She's growing on us. Not the best pics in the world, we were inside and it was dark. I shot in Manual mode with really low ss speed. I was suprised it came out not so blurry. I had to use rear flash cause it was way dark in my house. Plus Mate kept getting jealous at how many pictures I was taking of Tula.

Now if we could only get the potty training to work! Oy vey! Any potty training tips?

Oh and if you couldn't tell she is a chihuahua. She's tiny.


Anonymous said...


Stacie said...

how cute is she?????

I think I want a little dog...but I have a big dog right now that probably wouldn't like the addition.

Jovi said...

oh my gosh, so cute!!! you didn't even HINT at this big change! LOL. you know, i could knit for her...lmao! (but seriously. i could.)

Jovi said...

oops, i forgot to say: the best dog training thing EVER (imo), for potty training, chewing etc is a crate. get her a crate and put cute blankets and her toys in there and put her in it to sleep and whenever you aren't home. it isn't mean- it will become her space. my crate trained dog LOVED his crate. he would go there on his own to just chill out, or get away from the other dog, or play with his special toys or whatever. as he got older he didn't need to be in there at night (for instance), but really. get a crate. she won't want to go potty in it cause it's her den, and dogs don't do that.

Kristi said...

soooo cute!!!

creative-type dad said...

No advice from me, I'm having trouble getting a human child potty trained.