Friday, February 15, 2008

Pimp my contest!

My contest on that is!

Sorry I haven't been around. I've totally been consumed by scrapping. That's what scrapping does to me. Oh and the life of a teenager.

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day! Mine was good. It was nice to have my family with me. Especially with all the shit my 17 year old has given me in the past weeks. It was nice to be together, no smart ass, no whiney toddler. Everyone was on good behavior. I bought the kids little heart candies. Mateo a monster truck heart shaped box with candy and Victor a heart shaped boxed filled with skittles. He gave me a hug, a really good tight one, and that made me feel warm inside. I'm telling you we've had a rough couple of weeks.

I'm all for hanging out with friends and letting him go out. Yeah, cause that's his thing. All he wants to do is go out. That's fine and dandy, as long as you follow my rules. Once you start breaking them, and I start putting you in punishment, you need to follow my punishment rules. Which for the past month he hasn't. What am I supposed to do? I tell him no, he can't go, but by the time I get home he's gone. Then he doesn't come home till way past curfew... So he's punished. He has to do all his chores, plus some around the house, which he does, but with whining and arguing to no end. Then the weekday comes, and he's at it again. No phone calls no nothing.

His phone, gone. Taken away. His Ipod, gone too. All he has left is his dog.

On Wednesday, I about had it. Yes, I'll admit it, he came home at 11 p.m. on a weeknight! I gave him a good slap in the face. I gave him a couple of lectures at the top of my lungs and told him it was it. He wants to be treated like an adult, but doesn't act like one. An adult should be responsible, and taking off without a phone call home until 11 p.m. is NOT responsible. Hanging out when he is on punishment is NOT responsible. These are his choices, and being responsible means putting up and shutting up about the consquences. I told him if he wasn't ready to live up to my rules and consequences, he might as well get his shit, and see if his friends and their families would welcome him, cause I was D-O-N-E!

I am pretty sure, he knew I was serious. Because when I got home yesterday he was home. And I could hear the phone ringing and ringing. His friends. All I could hear on his end was "Dude, I can't. I just can't right now. I've got to go."

Then dad came home, and said c'mon we're going to dinner for Valentines Day. This is the moment the teenager usually cringes and throws a fit, cause he doesn't want to go anywhere with us. Never. But he got up got ready and asked me where we were going. So last night good. Day before, not so much.

To top it off, for a week I've been dizzy. Like drunk dizzy. It's not my sugar, and I don't what it is. Plus I must have slept wrong, because my neck is killing me. Like I don't have full range of motion, and it's making get headaches. So not in the best of moods to begin with.

So have you heard me complain enough already?? It's been that kind of week.

Oh, I'm going to the Scrapbook Expo in Orange County this weekend with a friend! It should be fun!!!

And since my great excuse is scrapbooking, I'm gonna share what I've done recently.

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Stacie said...

love the new are great at setting the time aside to do that, I really wish I would do it!

I am sorry big v is giving you trouble, kinda in his job description of being a teen. Sucks. I hope he straightens up for ya!