Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Knock Knock

Mateo is totally into everything being funny right now. Everything is "You are funny Mama"

So the other day I told him the bannana/orange knock knock joke. Wow. That started a tilly of a day. He wanted his own knock knock jokes.

M: Knock knock
Mom: Who's there?
M: Window
Mom: Window who?
M: Red!!! {burst of laughter}
so of course the hubs and I laugh, cause while the joke is not funny or even make sense, him thinking it was, was funny. LMAO!

This goes on and on until he goes to school.
Melea (?) Melea who? Melea outside! {burst of laughter}
Mommy, Mommy who? Orange {fits of laughter}

My sweet SIL picked up Mateo after school and I met her at the park. I asked her, did Mateo tell you any jokes today. She starts cracking up and said "omig-d! He kept telling us knock knock jokes that didn't make sense" Apparently he started making up words because he couldn't think of any!

Ha-ha-ha.. That's my funny for the day.


Doll Artist Deb Wilkinson said...

What a sweet and funny little boy Mateo is!! I remember when J used to do that too. They can do knock-knock jokes ALL DAY!!!


(PS - glad you're back in Blog land!!)

Stacie said...


Marcia said...

He He He!!!!

I love that stage!

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

You've been tagged . . check out my blog for details!!! :)