Friday, May 23, 2008

Speaking of Kiddos

I have to type this out before I forget it. Since I'm not in the mood to scrap, I have to preserve it for future use.

We always tell Mateo how much we love him. I tell him "I love you soo much!" he says "I love you so soo much mommy!" I ask him, how much do you love me Mateo.

He taps his chin and looks at me with the biggest smile and his arms spread open and says.

"I love you up to 12!"

(aww, see at that point they were learning to count up to 12, so since that was the higest number he knew, that's how much he loved me, ain't it stinking sweet!)


Jovi said...

late to the party, but very, very cute!!

Tamara said...

Awwww, that is so sweet!

Doll Artist Deb Wilkinson said...

I'm glad you wrote that down. That's one of those things he'll love to hear that he did when he's all grown up. AND, you must be doing a bang up mommy job!!

I tagged you for a game (hope you don't mind--visit my blog for details but no pressure. I know we're all so busy these days)

HUGS! xoxoxo


Stacie said...

you have award on my ya

Melany said...

Awww! He is so stinking sweet and smart!

Rachel said...

So smart!