Friday, May 23, 2008


Sooo, it's been a while my friends. I've been having some rough times, emotionally. I'm on track to get things better, then hopefully I can focus on other areas of my life I would like to improve. Stacie has really inspired me. I know one are in my life that needs improving, major overhaul is my weight.

I've taken a first step. Maybe not such a bold step as Stacie and announcing my weight (a girl has to keep certain things private) but I've started a Zumba class. What is Zumba? Zumba is a style of intense dance-aerobics workout with pulsating latin music. (description take from here) It is exactly that. The first 2 weeks, I was stiff and couldn't shake my caboose. But now after 4 weeks (twice a week) I can shake my ass with the rest of them.. It gives me an intense workout. I have to admit, the first two weeks, I've never done so much pelvic thrusts in my life. I think it must have loosened things up in there, cause as my hips were swaying, my gut was flatulating.

Now on to cute kiddo story. I guess we are really giving Mateo a sense that he is special. The other day he was building his block, and see he plays with his dad, and they build "monsters" or whatever and they have to be exactly alike. So his dad built his, and Mateo copied it. I told him "Wow, Mateo, you did so good. How in the world did you figure it out?? Good job!" and he responds with "See mama, I told you, it's because I'm a genius!" awww

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Stacie said...

woohoo you go girl...I have been wanting to try a zumba class, it sounds FUN!